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    Ask Ais

    Fall Style Tip:



                                    Get some “I’m so in love with these” boots… the kind you wear around your

                                    apartment because they are so comfy and so cute you can’t bear to take them


                                    Use last years fall outfits if you don't want to spend a bunch of money!  Layer

                                    up in this fickle weather, throw on a new funky scarf (they are cheap and can

                                    create a whole new look), some stunning statement jewelry and your new boots

                                                                                     ...… waahla!  


    Breath Of Fresh Air

    Have you ever had one of those beautiful friends that make everything look effortless?  They are so laid back you think they may fall over, but yet they seem to run a flawlessly tight ship?  Well in this case that person is my little sister, Aislynne.  Often times I feel like she is older than me because of her wise take on life, but with a fun whimsical approach.  Aislynne has had many years experience working in fashion and as a stylist.  She is young, vibrant and a little spitfire with sarcasm.  Now let me tell you why you are so lucky to be reading this blog... Aislynne is here to help you, me and anyone else free of charge.  Anything from simple style questions, to a total fashion emergency.  AIS is here to help, all you have to do is ASK!!