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    Mexico Inspiration — fashion

    Music Festival: Fashion Ideas

    It's summer, and we all know that music festival are happening, or even just parties everywhere. So, here are some fashion ideas, that can get you inspired:

    Metallic Tattoos are everywhere!, I'm sure everyone has seen them, and they are very easy to find (We're sellling them very soon at our shop!), also, compliment them with some cute rings and a fresh manicure, and you are ready to go.

    A cute hairstyle is key for this events, and no worries, it can be something as simple as two little buns, or you can go with braids, with a pony, just make it cute.

    When it comes to clothes, remember: there are no rules here! you can do pretty much anything, go with sneakers, flip flops, even barefoot!, and choose something light to wear, because, remember: it's going to be hot! 

    And remember:

    Have fun! (And take a lot of pictures)


    Summer fashion essentials for traveling

    We are welcoming the summer, and with that, we are also traveling a lot, because we all need a little vacation from work, from the cities or we just want to have fun, so that's why I created this list talking about the fashion essentials that you must pack, so, don't worry, I got you covered.

    1. Denim shorts.

    Personally, I really love high wasted shorts, they are very trendy and also flattering on everyone, also, you can wear them over your swimsuit, dress them down with some sneakers or be a little more fancy with some high heels, the possibilities are endless.

    2. Crop tops

    Crop tops are the new black. Whether you love them or hate them, they are everywhere, and you should definitely give them a chance.

    3. Bodysuits

    Most of my friends have seen bodysuit and imediately think "that's a swimsuit", but honestly, they are the most comfortable thing in the world, also, they mak you look slimmer, so, do you need another excuse to wear them?

    4. Belts

    Whether you like them skinny or thick, you need to have some on your closet, and pack some, because they can make an outfit look amazing.

    5. Sandals

    So your feet can breathe, and also you will look very fashionable.

    6. Sneakers

    I used to hate sneakers so much, I never wore them, until recently, I understand how comfortable they are, also, you just need to have a white and a black pair, and you are good to go.

    7. Jewelry

    Statement pieces like this ones would make a perfect outfit.



    Statement T-Shirts

    As you may know, (and I already said this), summer's comming, and with that, comes a great opportunity of using t-shirts, and be more casual and comfortable. That's why, today I'll talk about the very -trendy, statement t-shirts.

    You probably have seen them everywhere!, I personally have just a few, because I'm more of a plane t-shirt girl, but, after seeing them even on celebrities, I definitely want to have more.

    I can be something as simple as a word.

    Something to show you are a feminist!, or that you just support women.

    Or, in my case, since i'm a vegetarian (but want to become a vegan), I'll wear this one with pride.

    In case you are a funny type of girl...

    And, of course, on Rosemary Sayulita, we have options for you, like this one:

    Because, you know, you should  always follow your heart ;)

    So this season, get you favorite statement t-shirt, and go out and have some fun, it would definitely be a conversation starter.


    Summer's coming

    Summer's coming

    So, we all know what that means: yes, hot weather everywhere.
    Especially if you live on the coast, or if you are planning to go on vacation to a warm place, you may want to take some precaution, and start buying some appropriate clothes.
    But, what is it appropriate? We can’t just go around on a bikini the whole time (or can we?), so,
    Let’s talk about dresses and bodysuits.

    You can wear dresses no matter your age, and most importantly, you can wear them everywhere, any occasion, and they are so easy to wear, you just throw them on, and that’s it.

    Here are some examples:


    Bodysuits, on the other hand, are so trendy right now, and it’s probably because they are super comfortable, and you can wear them with almost everything: with maxi skirts, with pants, shorts, with a blanket around your waist, you can do whatever you want, and trust me, with this hot weather, you don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about putting an outfit together, so that’s why bodysuits are so essential.

    Summer’s coming, so you better be ready.