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    Mexico Inspiration — festivals

    Music Festival: Fashion Ideas

    It's summer, and we all know that music festival are happening, or even just parties everywhere. So, here are some fashion ideas, that can get you inspired:

    Metallic Tattoos are everywhere!, I'm sure everyone has seen them, and they are very easy to find (We're sellling them very soon at our shop!), also, compliment them with some cute rings and a fresh manicure, and you are ready to go.

    A cute hairstyle is key for this events, and no worries, it can be something as simple as two little buns, or you can go with braids, with a pony, just make it cute.

    When it comes to clothes, remember: there are no rules here! you can do pretty much anything, go with sneakers, flip flops, even barefoot!, and choose something light to wear, because, remember: it's going to be hot! 

    And remember:

    Have fun! (And take a lot of pictures)