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    Mexico Inspiration — Jewelry making

    Mexican brands of jewelry you must know!

    So we are past half of the year right now, and if you haven't reached your goal of having a brand new wardrobe, the next best option is to invest on jewelry.

    And if you are in Mexico, or you are planning on coming, then you definitely need to check this brands out, also, we have them on Rosemary Boutique Sayulita:

    • Liz del Toro

    Mexican brand based on Guadalajara.
    • Pandala

    Another Mexican brand based on Guadalajara. Hand made.
    • Iyari

    Artesanal jewelry, handmade.
    • Achi Mariachi

    Mexican brand that takes inspiration on the prehispánicas cultures.

    So, what do you think? do you like them?

    Of course, you can always visit our store in Sayulita and have a look, because we have that piece it's going to make your outfit even more perfect.