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    Mexico Inspiration — sea turtles

    Sayulita Sea Turtles

    We are so fortunate to be near Sea Turtles, which are in danger of extinction!  Many evenings when surfing in the area you will see a little head pop up within feet of your board, and of course at first you are startled, but then you see it's just a lovely little turtle. Alejandra Flores Barba, one of our Rosemary girls, has helped pioneer Sayulita's Sea Turtle protection group.  She taught me a few things about Sea Turtles and I wanted to share them with you.    

    Female adult turtles come up onto the beach and lay their eggs at night. She will make a hole with her fins and if it’s quiet and dark she will start to lay the eggs. During this process the turtles are very vulnerable to poachers because they are in a sort of trance. When she is finished she will cover the nest with her fins and compress the sand with her body. Then she will return to the ocean. The mama turtle will never see her baby turtles. Turtles will lay an average of 100 eggs each time.


    The organization that helps to protect the turtle population here in Sayulita, come at night to find the nests and then they take the eggs back to the nursery. There they create a fake nest where the eggs can hatch safely. Incubation is around 45 days. The temperature of the nest will determine if the baby turtles are male or female. Baby turtles are super strong; they break their shell and start digging themselves out of the hole. The group releases the turtles at sunset when there are fewer predators. On average only 1 out of 100 will make it to be an adult turtle. Turtles remember where they were born and will return to the same beach to lay its eggs at about 6 years of age.

    So anyway our shop sponsored a release of baby turtles and it was really cool, and I learned a lot and just wanted to share! xo