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    Mexico Inspiration — simple life

    You're Your Own Worst Critic!


    A friend of mine took these photos on Thursday, and I love them for so many reasons. I love that it was my little Paul’s first time naked in the ocean.   I love that I shared that moment with a new friend. I love that our big Paul was surfing in front of us. I love that the day was stormy and the ocean had a mysterious feel, and it was warm out but not scorching hot. The air felt soft that day, like the sand. I love that it wasn’t planned because then everything was very natural.

     I was planning to sift through the photos and edit them, or just post the ones that I was looking best in… then I decided a few things. 1, this post wasn’t about me. 2, the theme of this day was about feeling the moment and being natural. 3, (and most importantly) why am I my own worst critic.

     It’s strange how your first instinct when you see a photo of yourself is to pick it apart and start staring at all the imperfections (for me anyway). Part of growing older for me is about accepting that your face and body grows older too, and that is ok. I wish I were a person who loved photos of myself. I have found one thing to be true though; have you ever looked back at a photo you hated a few years ago, and all of the sudden you don’t think its so bad? This happens to me all the time. I always think, “why did I hate this photo so much?”. I believe it’s because by the time you look back at it, you have already aged a few more years and are used to seeing the current you, so the old you starts looking better!  

     So, here are my photos from Thursday, unedited! Well I did do one little thing; I put a shell on my little Paul in the photo that was the most explicit.  Enjoy


    It's a good life!

    So, today this happened...

    About a week ago my husband Pauly had the idea to start building a bike trail in the jungle behind our house.  He spent a few hours out there working on it, sweating like crazy (sometimes I think he just likes to use his shovel and get some exercise... hahaha)!  Then I really didn't hear anything else about this bike track, until today.  When I looked off of my back deck I was surprised to see about 10 of the kids from my neighborhood all hard at work building a track.  I yelled to Pauly "come check it out" and the next thing I knew, he was hopping over our railing with a bunch of tools in his arms.  I am not sure if Pauly mentioned his idea to the kids, or if it was just a case of great minds thinking alike... but either way a track emerged. I brought mini Paul out on the deck to watch these kids tearing it up on the track.  It was so adorable because they were all riding bikes that were either WAY to big or WAY to small.  Most of the bicycles were barely working, but it didn't matter they were having a total blast!!  Mini Paul splashed and played in his high chair with the ladies.  Pauly got out a stop watch and began timing the kids.. they were so excited trying to beat each others "best times".  What a day of appreciating the simple things in life.