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    Mexico Inspiration — sunsets

    Corona Sunsets 2017

    This weekend, I had the opportunity to go to one of the most amazing festivals made in Mexico, the Corona Sunsets Festival, and plus: it was in my hometown, San Pancho, Nayarit.

    I arrived very early, and everything was very rustic and beautiful.
    Beautiful people all over the place!, the persons wearing a cape were the "guardians", and they made sure you put the trash in the cans and all that.
    The main stage was amazing, and by night time, it also shot some fire! my favorite DJ was Bruno Martini.
    The other stage, called crown stage, was more relax, but also fun!
    So many people, it's was a lifetime experience.
    When the sun goes down, the party goes on too!
    It's was so much fun, I just hope they make more events like this one soon, and if you haven't attend a Mexican festival, you definitely need to give it a chance!