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    Join forces to keep the factory open all summer

    Join forces to keep the factory open all summer


    Our little bohemian dream: To live by the beach, sewing, screen printing and surfing, began October of 2007 in beautiful Sayulita, Mexico.   

    Pauly and I moved to Sayulita on a whim and opened Rosemary boutique right away.  I love to sew and dreamed of selling my creations while Pauly tried numerous business ideas to help keep our dream alive.  The screen printing business started to take off about 4 years ago and now Pauly’s line of T-shirts (called Pajaro), can be found in 6 different locations along the coast of Mexico as well as online and in our shop.   

    In November 2013 I decided I could use a hand with sewing and taught my neighbor Zury how to sew. She began helping me every day as our little business grew.  Last year I noticed how much clothing I was selling in my shop, that was originating in China and elsewhere and decided that that was a silly notion when I had access to great seamstresses at reasonable wages right here in Mexico.  Literally one week later I launched the opening of the sewing factory right here in Sayulita. 

    Zury and her mother Chela, Maura (our neighbor) and I were the start of Rosemary Mini Fabrica.  After about a month of hard work and lots of leaning we decided to add Aureli (sister in law to our hat maker Edgar).  A month later we added Nancy (sister to Zury and daughter of Chela).  This last big order we did for a beautiful boutique in Cabo we needed extra hands and also had the help of Lilly (another sister of Zury).  Finally we added the amazing Melissa from Saltillo as manager of the factory.  So currently we are employing 8 locals of Sayulita in the factory plus 4 in our boutique.  It feels great to help out the community in this way. 

    In Sayulita we have a low season and most businesses lay off employees and re-hire in November when high season picks up again.  This is hard on the locals as they also depend on this tourism.  My goal is to KEEP THE FACTORY OPEN ALL SUMMER and get enough work to keep my girls sewing!  I just made the journey to Guadalajara and San Miguel de Allende and got our clothing in 6 boutiques up there, and we are always looking for more boutiques! 

    If I can get enough summer business I am hoping to keep the factory open!  We have exceptional quality and the capability to make very technical clothing on our state of the art sewing machines.  If you know anyone who would like to get small (or large) runs of clothing made at incredibly good prices, please send us an email or just place an order yourself for some fabulous clothing to get you all set for summer!!

    The Art of Silversmithing

    I met Callie about 17 years ago (wow thats scarry), when we were young spry snowboarder chicks, working at Snowbird Ski Resort.  We became fast friends, sharing a 2 bedroom house with 4 other girls (total of 6), two ducks, one wolf dog and her 6 puppies.  Needles to say we had a full house filled with fun times.  Ten years, and many adventures later (about 2006), as Rosemary brand was building momentum, Callie Capps decided to hone her interest in jewelry and teamed up with myself and Kim Brown.  Together we held trunk shows and parties selling our wares.  When Callie decided that her passion for jewelry making was becoming more intense, she decided to raise the bar.  She headed to the hub of silversmithing and apprenticed under Master Silversmith Billy King in the central plains of San Miguel Allende Mexico. She has now found a niche of manipulating silver, copper, turquoise, lapis, jasper, and (Idaho & Utah) agates into unique representations of nature. Some of her favorite materials to work with are fossils, claws, bones, fresh water pearls, tree blossoms, branches, and leaves. No two pieces of jewelry are the same, representing the variety found in nature.  A little background on Callie Capps, she was raised among the sagebrush and mountains of rural Idaho on a ranch. She is one of the toughest, funniest and girliest girls I know.  She has done hair and makeup at each of her best girlfriends weddings because she has such an artistic knack. She is always at the cutting edge of fashion and you will notice this in her jewelry.  Her Idaho background has been an inspiration for her original handcrafted designs. Natural and organic overtones are the foundation of her raw, edgy, yet delicate pieces.  Callie is always coming out with new designs so stay tuned, and she is happy to do custom orders also, so keep that in mind while shopping!




    Through The Eyes of an Artist

    I feel so lucky to be surrounded by artists.  For me, making art is an emotional and physical outlet.  When I create new art I feel a charge of excitement.  I think the term art can apply to so many things.. sometimes the way I simply organize my house can feel like art, or cooking.  Mostly the art I love to create involves sewing and painting.  I was actually a house painter in another lifetime (about 10 years ago).  I did it for the money whenever I wanted to travel or buy something big.  Eventually I grew to enjoy it a bit, and began mentally painting every house I saw (and sometimes for real too).  Now I love to paint because it is just a hobby.  I still paint walls, the walls in my house and shop are lots of colors and change often, but mainly I just paint signs and new images for screen printing.  The reason I started Rosemary Clothing Boutique was because I loved to sew and needed something to do with all my crafts.  I Hoped people would want to buy my creations, and eventually with some tweeking, they did.  After about five years of sewing what seemed to be my best sellers over and over again, the artistic sensation was dwindling.  I had to do something before my passion became my nightmare, so I made a decision (which was one of the best things I ever did).  I taught my neighbor how to sew.  It took a long time, we worked together everyday for a year, and finally I am so proud of my protege.  I have watched her grow so much through this experience also.  Her name is Zury.  Did I mention she is gorgeous as well?  She has become a model for Rosemary too!  Here are some shots of her making baby harem pants, and some of the kids cIothes she makes.  Her mom and aunt hand crochet pillows for us and baby shoes.  They can do custom orders also, so keep that in mind for gift ideas.  Through the years my neighbors have become a part of my family, (they even built my house) and I feel so happy to have this relationship with them where we are able to help each other.


    The Art of Videography

      I mentioned in the first "Working Mom Chic" section of our blog that my sister Lanae somehow finds the time to help her husband Jordan with his business.  Jordan is an artist and his business is Videography.  He speicailizes in aerial footage.  He has these really cool drone helicopters that he pilots.  Jordan made this promo video for our shop in Sayulita.  We had a basic idea of what we were looking for, but without Jordan's exceptional skills for reading people combined with his artistic genius, we would not have been able to pull it off.  With only 24 hours of preparation time, Jordan made this vision a reality. I love this video and am super proud of it, but Jordan's true specialty lies in his aerial videography.  See more of Override Films on vimeo and youtube.

    El Ojo De Dios (God's Eye)

    The God's Eye is said to see and understand things that the physical eye cannot!  Often times they are woven in solitude and each color of yarn and adornment is symbolic of something.  The four points represent earth, fire, air and water!  They are said to be magic seers of things unknown, and can be given as a sort of blessing.  Ann spends many hours in the little village of Sayulita, Mexico making them.  They are one-of-a kind  You will find them in our shop as well as here on our website! Ann will make a custom Ojo for you also if you like!